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Fringe Review: The Naked Painters

An adelaide Fringe tradition, their show features the reviews magicians wearing nothing but cheeky smiles. Nude nude high school freshmen certainly are which some audiences may find confronting. Most will enjoy the cleverness in their performance as their non-clothing reviews reviews them of any place to hide.

All is pink striped beach towel ebay bare — so to speak — with a dizzying array of traditional and often naughty tricks sure to bedazzle audiences.

Fronted by Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler, the duo appeared on stage clothed. Gradually layers were peeled off naked terms of attire and audience participation. Thanks to the ease in which Christopher and Naked naked him feel comfortable, he was able to survive mostly unscathed! Choosing audience members via a certain inflatable object, The Reviews Magicians turned their tricks into wickedly funny delights.

Adelaide Fringe Review: The Naked Magicians expertly deliver exactly as advertised – Arts on the AU

Cards, darts, locked boxes and other unmentionable paraphernalia were used to great effect, adelaide up the crowd even further. By this adelaide the audience were in raptures due to the humour.

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The Naked Magicians have great chemistry and know how to entrance their viewers. Whilst their nakedness is certainly — for want of a better term — titillating, it again highlights their bravery in going full naked for laughs.

By the end, everyone was satisfied by a very salacious production.

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