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Adult multi user dungeon

Head on adult to this thread to discuss the winner!


Multi it out and lend a hand! I was wondering if there are any popular MUDs that focus on or have user related themes. I am very new to MUDs so I still don't understand all the lingo, but I'm interested to see what is out there.

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I first noticed they existed a long time ago when I was on mudstats and noticed they were dominating in terms of reported number of users. Text based erotica isn't really my jam. But Inferno doesn't have many players and trying to Dungeon there will get you murdered repeatedly.

LustyMud is a Adult-themed LpMUD (Multi-User Dungeon) founded in

The original HellMOO user still pretty good with a decent amount of players. The puritans are a lot less vocal nowadays and mostly leave you alone. There's no bigger dungeon in all adult the internet, either!

Most of 'em are MUSHes, and a lot of the popular ones are furry related according to mudstats.

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Yeah, that's multi evaluation ivory on ebony porn. I'd love a good erotic MUD, but there simply aren't any. I think I tried it a little.