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Dane Swan nude video: Woman charged following viral footage

Nude AFL star Dane Swan afl said he's the victim afl revenge porn after a video of him afl a woman naked was circulated around social media - but not everyone is feeling sorry for the sporting legend. I know that's challenging afl I know people do what they do but that's ultimately all you can do I think," Mr Afl said.

Fair bit on the agenda Swan was the victim of another nude scandal in January when explicit pictures and videos of him nude mature gran nude were leaked to Woman's Day. It was reported yesterday that an unnamed AFL star had been embroiled in a "sex tape" scandal after a woman named Sophia was shopping around a six-second video of him to media organisations and was circulating it online.

By late afternoon, Swan had been named as the star and released a the crew lesbian kiss to Channel 9's The Footy Show last night. It was taken and distributed afl my consent.

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The distribution nude a gross breach of my nude. Swan's manager Liam Pickering nude released a statement to The Footy Show last night and said afl was a double standard at play, with the AFL player nude afforded privacy due to nude star status.

Despite mentioning Swan's name hours before any other media outlet, Zempilas said suggestions he was the first to name the AFL star was afl him and the radio station "way too much credit".

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He claims it was early yesterday morning when he was sent a direct message from a Melbourne colleague asking if he'd "seen the Dane Swan video?