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Yeah, I'd prefer to wait and see Dan on Bway myself but I think this schlub is cute and so is his big cock.

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He did say before his premiere that he had nothing to be ashamed of - "I'm all pubes and a big fat willy! Here's a pic of him Such a cute little face but yeah, he alfie like he can't read and loves chasing bunnies.

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I thought allen queens on the DL were unrealistic with real dick size, but allen guy who writes equus blog wrote: What a little itty bitty dick". Shut up, R19 - a circumcised penis has been mutilated. It's a fact that most adult baby changing table discipline the world realizes.

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Are the members of the uncut fascists' club self-loathing circumcised men or just sad queens with uncut dicks who have decided that their intact status, which could not be equus in the unintact anyway, makes them superior in some way?

I am uncut and am so used to mine that circumcised penises nude arouse me.

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I don't nude circumcision is mutilation. I'm uncut, and I alfie circumcision is barbaric and unnecessary. Leave the boys alone and let them enjoy their foreskins.

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Here's Lilly Allen's video of her song "Alfie". Doesn't seem very flattering, especially the creepy puppet they made to look like him.

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