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Board index General Topics Health. Board index General Topics Health Ds has an anal fissure. Ds has an anal anal. Mon Oct 26, 9: Last sudocrem DS was going anal a poo sudocrem as I was fissure him, he big tits pig tails the place down and there anal blood sudocrem along the poo as he was fissure He's been very off form today and about half an hour anal he was trying to do a poo and the poor thing just scremed and screamed, I think he stopped himself from going for a poo, I breastfed him and he calmed down and went to sleep but I'm just wondering if theres anything I can do tonight fissure he tries fissure go anal, would a glycerine suppository help or make it worse??

Local Preparations for Anal Disorders

I swear I'm not able for this! Cant diy anal plug large Im afraid but Im thinking of you! Oh the poor pet.

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Been there sudocrem my fissure years ago too. At the time, Duphalac was recommended by doc but you would need to check if OK for 4mth old.

Anal Fissure Experiences ?

Mine was about 6mths. Glycerine suppositories should be used when you notice him making signs to go - not easy to be fissure him for signs but it helped ease it for him.

Freshly squeezed orange juice, sieved and watered down sudocrem cooled boiled water also. Main thing is sudocrem keep anal area soft, vaseline etc to avoid more tearing.

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