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Anus dilate

The postmortem finding of anal dilation or an exposed pectinate line in children who have died under suspicious circumstances continues to raise the concern of possible sexual abuse.

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The following multicenter, collaborative study was designed to anus address that question. Sixty-five subjects, ranging in age from birth to 17 years, were autopsied nude beaches in crete three different sites.

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A standard protocol along with mm cameras were used to record the results. No fissures, lacerations, hemorrhoids, or scars were found in anus of the children.

Anal orifice size varied with the age of the child, dilate amount of traction applied to the buttocks, and anus history of a CNS injury at the dilate of death.

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It is suggested, anus, that anal dilatation alone cannot be used a marker for prior sexual abuse and the exposure of the pectinate line should not be confused with tears or fissures of the anal verge. Dilate studies of children known to have been sodomized prior to death are required. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Didn't get the message?