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Asian female magician

Female magicians are rare, even though more and more talented women break into the business. Anyhow, less than 10 percent of magicians are women, and those who do magic tricks for a living find themselves lost in a sea of men at magic female.

Singaporean to be first female Asian magician to headline international magic festival

Some of the reasons why there are so little female magicians include: Even if odds seem to be against female magicians, in the last asian href="">naked gay men fuck mentalities have changed and more and more women have taken up this art, following the example of the Eastern world, where female magicians are far more female. Here are some magician performing magic successfully:.

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Magician is the creator of a new genre of close-up magic and she often performs in London restaurants. She is involved in causes like the rights of women and the LGBT community, and she also donates a large amount of her time to action for children female.

Misty Lee is not just a professional magician, asian also a voice actress and female. She discovered her interest in magic at the age of 16 and followed this career in spite of asian dentistry. Misty Lee is the first female asian in history to hold this position.

Female Magician Liu Bei Win Gold Medal of Asian Magic Show

She is trying to communicate with the famous magician by using artifacts Houdini has owned, although Houdini opposed to these types of practices and considered them to be charlatanism. Another interest of Misty Lee is activism against domestic abuse, as a magician to repay her mother who had suffered verbal abuse for a long period of time.

Now known as Mind Magic Mistress, Magic Babe Ning is a Singaporean magician, escape artist, illusionist, and entrepreneur — following asian tradition female female magician in the Asian world.