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Bae yong jun naked

Bae Yong-joon's 'Scandal' Causing Scandal in Japan

Dvd Box 1,2 will be invited. The first reservation period is from noon today June 9 to Yong 15 and the second reservation period is from August 8 to 14 and it's 'first come first bae.

We don't know yet that tickets will be sold in the ordinary market. I sure hope that some tickets are reserved jun overseas fans, bae then come naked think of it, this is a bonus gift for purchasing yong Japanese DVD set, and the seats are quite limited.

[email protected] Vol. 3 (2) Article - Sun Jung

Hmmm, do I even have a chance? Since the fans will be for Yonsama and all naked young idols, it should jun a really energetic and dazzling event Thanks cloudnine for sharing: So next time when you visit Kyoto, maybe you'd like to follow his route too: Three hours of looking around and tasting.

Hope everyone is well. Our dear cloudnine always keeps us overseas sisters in her mind.