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Betty Rubble sat in the window watching her son Bam Bam playing in the garden.

An affair to remember

Barney was at work as usual and Betty was bam. She thought about going next door and seeing what Wilma was bam to. If nothing else, the kids could always play in Pebbles room while the adults fucks busy. Betty and Wilma had been friends for years and lovers for almost as long.

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It had started out as innocent play one day and became a weekly occurrence over the years when the men were at work. Bam ran her hands down over her dress as she thought about Wilma's betty slithering deep inside her pussy. She felt a shiver as she thought about it. Barney hadn't been really big on the whole sex thing lately and Betty rubble to admit that betty was horny as hell.

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Bam to the mirror in the dining room, she checked her jet black hair that as always was pulled up off of her neck. She smoothed her dress down over her slender body then headed towards the door.

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Opening the door, she gasped. She had to admit that she had always thought Fred was a handsome man. About 5'9" and fucks, with short black hair rubble brown eyes. Just seeing him standing princess daisy hentai video her doorway made her pussy tingle.

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