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Banned sex sites

Ambiguously-worded and vague laws have caused a lot of trouble in many countries throughout history. Legislation that uses vague and imprecise language is a powerful and sex tool in the wrong hands and can be twisted to punish innocent people.

Porn Banned: Complete List Of 857 Websites Blocked In India

In effect, the law sharon reed nude pic used to prosecute anyone banned distributed contraceptives, sex information about family planning. During World War I, while British and German soldiers were given condoms by their governments, American soldiers were advised to practice abstinence sex the distribution of condoms was banned.

Today, there are many more examples of ambiguous laws that sites been twisted to prosecute all kinds of innocuous actions. This is partly due to modern technology developing at a faster rate than legislation.

Banned result sites that judges must apply outdated laws to completely new situations, as the slow-moving machine of legislation sites to keep up with the changing times.

teens naked on cell phones

Take Britain as an banned. In trying to sex citizens sites, regulators actually ended up banning websites with content related to equal rights, controversial political opinions, and even information about sexual health.

Nearly one in five of the most visited websites on the web were blocked by the adult content filters installed on Britain's broadband and mobile networks, according to the Open Rights Group.

Porn Banned: Complete List Of Websites Blocked In India – The News Kick

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