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Gianna Michaels' first job was "at a hamburger joint up in Seattle called Dick's.

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Over time, people approached her about modeling, and she eventually tried it, figuring that if she didn't like it, she could stop. A fast-emerging porn star big, Michaels first became popular for the numerous pornographic scenes she did for the company Ox Ideas see Bangbus or Bang Bros.

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Gianna performs with both males and females, engaging in one-on-one, interracial, group sex, and shows a voracious sexual appetite onscreen. Gianna's amazing curves were the subject of a video tape measurement from Jerked. Her large natural breasts In gianna behind-the-scenes big of her movie Blacksnake Bitches gianna, she claimed that her breasts have grown boobs during her porn career.

In Januarythere were rumours that Gianna boobs retired from the business but escorts taba confirmed on her Twitter page that she was just "taking a break" [7].

Gianna Michaels

She began going cam shows in Gianna had a small part in the big horror movie, "Piranha 3D" which also featured porn star, Ashlynn Brooke. In fall of her website GiannaXXX finally launched.

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