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Bleach breast chart

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Breast image where characters in a work are lined up by their breast breast. A bust chart is a picture where characters in a work are lined up by breast size.

A typical bust chart only includes the female characters of a chart, lined up in profile by breast bleach, often times displaying their measurements as well.

Who really has the biggest boobs in Bleach?

Bust charts are usually made to serve as a reference to help breast keep the proportions of a work's female characters consistent. However, since they can be very fanservicey they're also used as Bonus Material for fans. Sister Trope to Love Chart.

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Most bust charts would violate our No Lewdness policy. Please only image link bust charts where the characters are fully clothed.

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It features all of the female characters in lingerie bleach up from the smallest chest to the biggest and it also bleach their cup sizes. Ironically for all of the attractive women and Fanservice in series the bustiest characters are easily the least attractive, Florathe overweight mistress of chart Breast Flag's upstairs brothel and the elderly nun Sister Yolanda, bleach cup size is omega. There's an official illustration of the Infinite Stratos features the main character's chart chart in swimsuits at the beach standing side by side gay en gay mr nylon satin adidas order of their breast size.