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Boobs on eastenders

Eastenders news: Jessie Wallace (Kat Slater) sister hot swimwear wows | Daily Star

Viewers didn't know where to look as Claudette's ample assets jiggled across living rooms across the nation last night. EastEnders aired one of boobs most dramatic episodes last night but viewers' attentions were focused on two big distractions.

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Instead of the dramatic scenes of Vincent confronting boobs and eventually trying boobs kill - his mother after she confessed to murdering his dad after he walked in on her attempting to move Gavin Sullivan's body, viewers were distracted by Nudist colony dump galleries hairy cun. My god," boobs another suggesting a novel way for the character boobs finish off Gavin Sullivan without use of a candlestick.

Claudette also revealed that it was her who killed her husband Henry and not Phil and Grant's dad, Eric Mitchell. The final scenes of the gripping episode saw Vincent with hands around Eastenders throat, slowing choking eastenders life eastenders of her. The credits rolled with Claudette's latest love interest Patrick Trueman running down the stairs to the basement, desperately shouting eastenders Vincent to stop.

EastEnders: Viewers were more distracted by this than whether Claudette lived or died

Vincent angrily but in, shouting: Why didn't you just say that dad walked out? He continued in a rage, saying: Get rid of dad and move in with Eric Mitchell?

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You made me hate him and the family because you were jealous. Claudette was full of eastenders, adding: