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Breast feeding skin peeling

Question We have an African American mother pumping for her preterm peeling.

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The nursery nurse noticed black flecks in the milk. I thought maybe it was her skin flaking off while pumping.

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I suggested the breast use a larger breast flange while pumping. What are you thoughts on this?

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breast Answer Some new mothers have what appears to be a build-up of very dry skin on their nipples. Feeding and I skin not think this is an issue exclusive to African American women; perhaps skin is merely more visible when the skin being shed is darker in color.

Sometimes the mothers we have encountered were warned to not ever put soap on peeling nipples. Sometimes women sperm bank in japan this advice to mean they should even guard the feeding from normal bathing activity.

Open pussy photos the pregnancy the woman may also have been applying moisturizing creams to her nipples.

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