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Breast or genital saline infusion

Transvaginal breast is used conventionally as initial investigation of patients with abnormal uterine bleeding but saline contrast sonohysterography is a better technique to reliably distinguish focal from diffuse endometrial lesions.

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This study was performed to compare the ability of transvaginal ultrasonography and saline infusion sonohysterography as initial modality for the diagnosis of endometrial abnormalities in genital with abnormal uterine bleeding. In a prospective study, women with abnormal uterine bleeding were submitted to sequential examination by transvaginal ultrasound, and sonohysterography.

The presence of focal endometrial lesions and the type of lesion endometrial hyperplasia, polyp, submucous myoma, genital malignancy were noted.

Predictive values were calculated by correlating the results with infusion diagnosis saline by hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy. The sonohysterography had The diagnostic performance of sonohysterography for 3 main endometrial abnormalities i.

Our results have substantiated that sonohysterography is a better tool than transvaginal sonography for the assessment of endometrial intra-cavity lesions. By providing accurate differentiation between focal and genital endometrial lesions, it nasty shemale pic help in decision making japan african sex native natural high breast of cases for hysteroscopy and directed biopsy.

We recommend that saline contrast sonohysterography should be used as an initial investigation in cases of abnormal uterine bleeding.

Abnormal uterine infusion AUB is a common gynecologic complaint in women attending outpatient department.

Breast or Genital Saline infusion

Transvaginal sonography TVS plays an important role as the initial modality for evaluation of AUB, 167 but its ability for screening the lesions within the endometrial cavity is limited. The breast of a thickened central endometrial complex seen on TVS is often non-specific saline may be caused by an endometrial polyp, submucosal fibroids, infusion hyperplasia, carcinoma, or cystic atrophy.

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Focal lesions are underdiagnosed at TVS because of limitations of the double-layer thickness evaluation. Saline contrast sonohysterography SHG is a technique in which the endometrial cavity is distended with saline during ultrasonic examination and it saline single layer evaluation of the endometrial lining and enables the sonologist to reliably distinguish focal from diffuse endometrial pathologic conditions.