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Brownish freckles on penis gland

freckle on penis

Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Mental Health Anxiety Depression. About a week ago, I noticed a small dark brown freckle on the end of my penis.

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It is only about freckles size of a head of a pin, but worries edmonton glory hole because it has never been there before.

It brownish flat, and pain-free. I am 22 years old and penis sexually active, though I do masturbate some. Is this a problem? Hi,Have you been sun bathing nude.

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If gland this may have cause it. If not then you simplely have a freckle on you penis,your own little tatoo. I havent been sunbathing nude, and that is another reason I am somewhat worried.

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I know they can form other places on your body, but I thought it was usually due to the sun. Is it common for a freckle to just appear in that area?

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