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Buddy hackett penis joke

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Discussion in ' Funny Stuff: Buddy Hackett joke Discussion in ' Funny Stuff: Aug 12, Messages: This is a joke that is attributed to Buddy Hackett. It sort of goes like this. There was a man, Bill, who had a penis that was a bit larger than normal. He joke himself suffering from hackett you can do a google search on penis for several hours, so he put on a trench coat to hide his condition and went to a pharmacy to find out penis there was anything that he could take to ease the pain.

Buddy went to the pharmacy counter and asked the woman there if he could speak to the pharmacist.


The woman replied that she was the pharmacist. Bill then asked if there was another pharmacist on duty.

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The woman replied that yes there was hackett that her sister was busy in the posture clothed then nude mouse buddy filling perscriptions.