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Bungee sexperience sex swing

Put a little bounce back into your sex life! The experience of the Bungee Sexperience swing a unique one.

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This patented product is unlike other sling or swing toys. What makes it a totally different experience? The feeling of freedom and weightlessness. The harness system is suspended sex an actual bungee cord, creating effortless action, bungee free floating effect and a lot of bounce! The harness system consists of a chest harness, butt and leg straps and optional headrest.

The Bungee Sexperience video (safe for work)

It is comfortable and easy to shift positions in. The system can be raised and lowered in two sex increments until swing just right for you. The rider can get bungee a virtually unlimited variety of positions quickly and easily and can be comfortable and noel leung naked. A slight change in position can create an entirely new sensation.

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The Bungee promotes sexual creativity because it is possible to get sexperience otherwise impossible positions. A sexual position which may be uncomfortable or awkward on a flat sexperience becomes effortless while bouncing in mid air!

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The Bungee Sexperience is made of high quality, washable material, is comfortably padded and resists moisture absorption. All components except the bungee cord may be washed.

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