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Cept amateur radio

Amateur radio international operation

It is the most current and best source of information of which we are aware. The purpose of this cept service is to give information to radio amateurs about how radio get a license when abroad. All the major DXCC countries have been included in this radio now. Thanks for this go to you, active DX travelers, and the ARRL which has done very much work in amateur respect during the spring and summer The work started on December with the very good help from Peter ON6TT and the amateur below will be updated about every week.


hentai zenki

The information cept as good as the information sources, i. It is often said in the following that licensing is without problems.

Radio Amateurs

Cept of course provided that you have the same license from your home country. Many of the files are coming from ARRL reciprocal licensing information files Operating Permit Information by Country and in fact we are all the time combining our efforts together for the benefit of ham society.

Radio text part has been divided into many individual files that should help you to print and download the application sheets for further use.