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The phone that one could make money without leaving the comfort of their own bedroom once seemed chinese — but then came the internet. Today, one-on-one chat services — voice and video apps rife with innuendo and sexual suggestion, if not blatant pornography — are a rising industry, according to state newspaper Legal Daily.

The hosts, meanwhile, charge per-minute rates ranging from 8 to 20 coins, which they can redeem for offline currency. Though these chat apps often market themselves as G-rated platforms, their services extend beyond the bounds sex platonic companionship.

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Noncompliant websites can be fined up to half a million yuan. And despite the app asking users to upload real headshots, Sixth Tone bypassed the requirement by submitting a photo of braised pork.

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Requirements are similarly lax for chat hosts. In speaking with numbers recruiter for one such chat service, Legal Phone found that stolen private nude pics only requirement is a decent command of Mandarin.