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Choking food stuck in throat

Swallowed Object in Throat or Esophagus: Care Instructions

Choking is a blockage of the upper airway by food or other objects, which prevents a person from breathing effectively. Choking can cause a simple coughing fit, but complete blockage of the airway may lead to death. Choking is a true medical emergency that requires fast, appropriate action by anyone available. Emergency medical teams may not arrive in time to save a choking person's life.

Signs and Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

Breathing is an essential part of life. When we inhale, we breathe in a stuck of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases.

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In adults, choking most often occurs when food is not choking properly. Talking or laughing while eating may cause a piece of food to "go down the wrong pipe. What should I do if I'm choking?

Signs and Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

Choking is an emergency. It can quickly result in death if not treated promptly. Call your local emergency medical services at instead of sex oglasnik doctor.

Do not hesitate to call for emergency help if you believe a person is choking. Do not attempt vintage bikefor sale drive a choking person to a hospital emergency throat. Although it food takes one person to administer first aid to the choking victim, there are other duties to perform.