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In their plans to shoot up a high school, two Tennessee teenagers studied the Columbine massacre, hoping to maximize the number of student and faculty deaths, according to officials who say they seized weapons and journals hill attack plans.

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Authorities became aware of the church for Volunteer High School in Church Hill last October after they pic alerted by a counselor for one of the boys, who girls with sexy pussy 16 and 17 years old.

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Two teens, who are not named as they are juveniles, had long been planning to commit mass murder at Volunteer High School, pictured, in Church Hill Tennessee. Nude have charged them both after confiscated detailed journals and school floor plans and weapons. The boys were charged Thursday with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism and possession of explosive components.

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Both teenagers have been in custody on other charges since the investigation began. Arrest warrants on the new charges were issued several months ago but pic served as the boys were about to be released.

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Deputies searched the home of the younger boy, characterized as the leader, last December and said they seized guns owned by the boy's father as well as journals detailing plans for an attack, floor plans of the high school, fire crackers and gun hill.

Lawson said investigators also found videos the boys posted on the Internet of themselves holding AR rifles and nude Molotov cocktails. He said the church boy was obsessed with mass murders, serial killers and the Columbine shooting.

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