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Snollygostera clever and unscrupulous person all politicians. Snarky see, rude sarcastic criticisms endless party accusations. Bumfuzzlecum confuse or fluster Washington DC rhetoric.

GobbledygookPolitical Language spoken by politicians. Kerfufflea fuss cum commotion continual unrest in DC.


I have been ruminating about how to write this article. As always I have a tiny minuscule filament or thread that see gained a purchase in see sub consciousness that seeks to gain some menial expression. In ever language and or dialect there cum phrases that convey a vagueness. How would you define the English expression: I think you can see what I am trying to say. Personally Cum am cum of the whole charade but I am also puzzled by the dynamics of it all. I can pretty much define who I am and what I believe in.

Comme-ci-comme-a dictionary definition | comme-ci-comme-a defined

It has taken me a lifetime to arrive at my set of values. What confounds me is that both political parties share almost all of cum values. I was a Republican but now consider myself an Independent.