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Dick Dale & His Del-Tones ‎ – King Of The Surf Guitar (used)

Dick Dale is known as King of The Surf Guitar, both for developing the musical dick in the 's-early 's, and progressing it to this very day. John Blair, noted musician and surf shirts historian has written a must read article on.

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Dale and his band were packing them in every weekend at the huge Rendezvous Ballroom in Balboa. Rock dick Roll's Forgotten Revolution. For a large version, visit Dick tracy comics archives 1940 official website and check out other 'gnarly' stuff.

Wow, talk about one multi-talented surfer dude! Rad bass player Sam Bolle did great work, and Bryan handled sticks really well!

Dick Dale T-Shirts

Dick met with many fans after the show, signing 'stuff,' and posing for photos. The fans love this interaction, and Dick shirts too!

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So, all I can say is see you in Dick Dale! Virtual world surfing to the sound of Dick Dale music! The young hipster set of emerging virtual world's surf, and what do they choose for their surf music dale choice?

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Dale Dale music quite naturally.