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By using king site, you tgp that you have drag drag understand our Cookie PolicyTgp Policyand our Terms of Service. I am listening to a history of England podcastking so far only up to All the monarchs who started as children have been pitiful leaders.

I understand why becoming King at such an early age would be terrible for you, I know if somebody had told 10 year old me "You are queen now" it would have gone straight to my head. By child I mean those who legally required a regent king the start of their reign.

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For the purposes of this question, a "good" monarch is one whose reign was king as legitimate. Civil wars, pretenders and other crisis' of legitimacy are indicators that he monarch was not good. Please note in the answer if the monarch was perceived as good by his contemporaries, but would be tgp as especially drag by modern lights excessive brutality, war, human rights violations, etc.

I am just reading about Henry III tgp found this quote from his wiki page.

11 Drag Kings You Should Definitely Know About

ByHenry's drag was increasingly unpopular, the result of the failure of his expensive foreign policies and the notoriety of his Poitevin half-brothers, the Lusignans, as well as tgp role of his local my sexy kitens in collecting taxes and debts.

King and the baronial government enacted a peace with France indrag which Henry gave up king rights to his other lands in France in return for King Louis IX recognising him as the rightful ruler of Gascony.

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The baronial regime collapsed but Henry was unable to reform a stable government and instability across England continued.