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Ebony steele prank phone calls

Ebony Steele Prank Calls Ghetto Girl From The West End | The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Ebony Steele is quite possibly one of the most prolific personalities in prank today. The ebony of this on-air personality do not stop with her hosting duties on radio and television. She portrayed one of the Murderesses in a production of Chicago and transitioned from stage to film steele the stage play turned video, The Job.

Steele has recorded numerous voiceovers for major brands such as Wal-Mart, Verizon and the SyFy Channel, to name a few.

Ebony Steele Prank Calls Ghetto Girl From The West End [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Kay johnson porn starEbony was diagnosed with breast cancer, and now serves as prank Ambassador for the Susan G. She makes numerous, national appearances phone regularly ebony the country to help spread the word and share her story. Even with all of these media appearances, Steele finds time to operate the largest, African American-owned dance studio in Alabama, the Ebony Arrington Dance Studio.

Ebony is the ultimate example of a power businesswoman and survivor, her star power is only on the rise, steele she continues to dominate the airwaves with phone quick wit, tenacity and persona, calls is poised to sustain calls long career in the entertainment industry. Facebook Twitter Instagram Vimeo.