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Eva green 300 rise of an empire

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Hollywood could use a new Angelina Jolie — or rather, they could use the old Angelina Jolie, the rebellious, sex-mad Angelina we had before she reinvented herself as a beatifically smiling humanitarian goddess. Where are the avid actresses who can stride on-screen and conquer with a flick of their finger, who can empire their carnal craziness to enliven the most unimaginative of B movies, who can size up their male leads with an "I will fuck you and eat you, and not necessarily in that order" stare?

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Unto this breach comes this weekend's Rise of an Empireand while the sorta-sequel might at first seem more than rise superfluous, by the 300 its female lead Eva Green is engaging in the movie's centerpiece sex scene, you'll know its purpose: The wild-eyed Green is serving us vintage Jolie on a me playing the choking game, and the film and Hollywood green all the better for it. Though Greek herself, Artemisia has long vowed revenge against her own people: As a child, her village was burned to the ground, her mother was raped in front of her, and then young Artemisia was sold into slavery.

Eva Green: Artemisia

Rescued by the king of Persia, she soon becomes a fearsome warrior, and Green gives her all to the eye-popping part, purring entreaties, shouting orders, and kissing severed heads in short order. Artemisia is ostensibly the film's villain, but her motives are so understandable and Green's charisma is so all-consuming that when one battle sequence concludes with Artemisia seemingly slaughtering eva of our heroes a third of the way through the movie, you kind of have to hand it to her.

She deserved that win!