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And I'm feeling totally tagalicious! I'll put up nude pix with different Tidbits of Todd -- by which I mean trivia and NOT random body parts -- in honor of they who honored me with a tag!

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This Tagged game involves getting tagged and then uploading a picture pictures detailing 16 things wife pictures that nobody knows, and then tagging your friends! And then you can post it to the group: The old version, not this newfangled crap they keep "updating" every six months in order to suck fans dry of their money. And I"m proud to own one. An Aztek, that is. Dead or alive 3d hentai I also have a nice behind.


My Ex Bride

On it I will build an assisted living home, an animal rescue site, a daycare, a petting wife and a counseling center. I think that giving the occupants of each access to youth, elderly wisdom and loving animals will enrich the lives of all. And an extremely anal ass at that.