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Family guy road to rhode island uncut scene

Road To Rhode Island Sales went nuts, and a 2nd box set was released five months later, containing the rest of the series.

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In the episode, Uncut goes to pick up Stewie from visiting his grandparents in Palm Springs, and they miss their flight home due to Brian's drunkeness. During their car-stealing, train-hopping, hitch-hiking trip back to Rhode Island, they stop by Austin, TX so that Brian can deal with his mother-abandonment issues synopsis courtesy of TVTome.

Stated to be MacFarlane's favorite episode, TVTome says it well when they report that "this episode was cut after the September 11th terrorist attack island the World Trade Center to remove a scene involving Osama Bin Ladin [sic] sneaking weapons aboard an aircraft by copying Stewie's use of singing guy to distract baggage handlers when his weapon-filled suitcases go through the X-Ray machine.

anyone has the deleted scenes of "road to rhode island"?

There, our own Gord Lacey asked him about this cut: I noticed "Road to Rhode Island" There was some debate over that. I kinda stayed out of that debate because I didn't really have a strong opinion one way or the other. There are arguments for keeping it in and arguments for taking men who drink cum out.

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The argument to keep it in is that's how the show aired and it was broadcast this way and it aired two years before September 11, and road there's a bit of entertainment historical value there. And obviously rhode argument for taking it out was that because it was one of the biggest tragedies, there was some thought that it might bring down the rest of the episode when that comes up.

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There was some scene at one point family putting it on separately at the end, and that was really