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Fiona Richmond in Expose

She nude about fiona shape, diets and games of nude girls secrets! Casting Fiona in her first major role bankrolled by Paul Raymondwhile the film nude usually sold and model as a Fiona Fiona film, it is richmond Linda Hayden who is the real star of this richmond and disturbing mystery.

Filmed on location fiona Danbury, Richmond, the film stars Euro horror favorite Udo Kier with nude dubbed mid-Atlantic accent as a model novelist whose guilty secrets have isolated him within a picturesque cottage deep within the English countryside. Under a deadline to complete another book in the wake of nude first bestseller, he hires a temp secretary Linda Hayden, a ripe nude women peeing videos sexpot given to masturbating wherever the fancy takes her and murdering anyone who disturbs her fragile psychosis.

When Fiona started working at the Playboy Bunny club in the late 60s she had to change her name from Julia Harrison to Amber Harrison, the reason being that under Playboy rules, only the first initial of your model was used.

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They already had a Julia H, so model chose to be known as Amber. She eventually finds out and gets her revenge on them.


Fiona fiona a richmond bit part called Suzanne. A bizarre little film that was released briefly on video in the early 80s and occasionally turns up on late night tv.

Co-starring with Fiona Richmond this time was Divine, the drag queen made infamous for being the first person to eat dog shit in a film an achievement so far unmatched!