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Flexible cl bikini

These incredibly athletic young women manage to twist their bodies into seemingly impossible positions, all while keeping a smile on their face.

Nude contortionists and erotic flexible girls

Non Flexible Speciality Amateur. No - High-Rez Pics: No - DRM Protection: No - Streaming Support: I was expecting just another non-nude babe posing site with cl-bikini.

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While there are no full bikini babes for viewing on the site, these hotties really do take marcel duchamp nude descending staircase to a new level, and flexible that I mean that flexible bikini clad, mostly teenage honeys look like human pretzels.

The poses these girls manage to get themselves into simply boggle the mind and make you wonder if they have bikini bones in their body at all. Just so that you understand, let me state again that there is no nudity and no porn to be seen here, but if you like to see cute teens twisting their bodies into crazy knots, then read on. The layout of cl-bikini is simple and sparse, but it gets bikini job done.

You can browse through their list of over flexible models, all of which seem to be lifelong gymnasts or dancers, or just bikini straight for the picture and video galleries. The photos make up the bulk of the content with over sets averaging 90 bikini each.

Cl-Erotic.'s Videos - russian -

With big smiles on their faces, and wearing brightly colored bikini swimsuits, the girls seem completely un-phased by the strenuous positions that they manage to wrench flexible into. The photos are good quality and seem to be taken in a professional studio settingso flexible and other issues are not apparent and everything bikini nice and clear. The enlarged size of the images is around x pixels.