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Fuck you in vietnamese

Vietnamese Language

Come here to discuss your experiences, your vietnamese, your methods, in learning Vietnamese, or to you a conversation with fellow Vietnamese speakers. Everybody you all skill levels is welcome and community members are encouraged to be patient, understanding and helpful to those new to the language and this community.

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I vietnamese everybody enjoys this community, and if you have any suggestions for improving it, do not hesistate to send a message to the moderators or myself SuperNinKenDo personally.

Want to learn bad words?


Some facts for fuck guys: We dont use pussy to talk about weak people. Vietnamese dont use "fuck you". All of them mean "Fuck".

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Not like american or english, the word "fuck" is very serious. Be careful to use it only to someone you know well.

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Vietnamese use animal to compare to someone they want to insult. I'm having dinner with some Vietnamese speaking people tomorrow. I need the answer to this one the most. That just means butt fuck.