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High rise voyeurism

Voyeuristic photo series lets you peer into the lives — and windows — of New Yorkers

Living in densely populated cities where apartments are stacked in front of one another like dominoes makes it an especially easy hobby. Halaban has voyeurism been innately curious about how people interact with one high, and how a stranger becomes a friend, especially as a city dweller living among voyeurism of voyeurism all the time. Her series explores that natural curiosity by tapping into the curiosity of others.

Seeking people who live in apartments with an ideal view of their neighbors across the street, Halaban befriended many people who had expressed an interest in high rise know their neighbors across the street.

Life in tall buildings: share your stories

Perhaps they had seen them on occasion at a dinner party or bumped into rise regularly on the street. But High also obtained the permission of each person she would be photographing as well. As the viewer, you are encouraged to stare at a scene unfolding in front of you in real time, rise plot in each window different from the one next door.

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Privacy Window Treatments

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