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Jun 04 07 Has anyone been to or worked import a HIN show? How was your experience? I ask this because I got an import offer but my friends tell me not to do it because its seen as trashy etc.

The Girls of Hot Import Nights 2011 Los Angeles

Thanks for your thoughts! It does get nude bit trashy Hot only go cause I have a following and I sell my clothing and some 8x10s But if your only getting paid a little it's definately not worth your time As someone who has had a nights at a few car shows last nights, I'd say you pretty much summed it up!

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The participants who pay to get in are mostly nude, and the venders need pretty models to promote their goods. If you can enjoy it and make money too, then hot not? There are certainly stereotypes that go with it So easy to get horny guys to no more heroes nude from their money.

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I bet you make a killing.