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House painting naked

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We were contemplating a painting showing writhing, naked bodies splashing each other with house, in the Sixties heyday of action painting. I remember the times rather dimly — the Sixties were like that — but I seem to recall painting Arts Lab in Drury Lane staging events in which naked girls daubed with paint writhed on sheets or canvases laid out on the floor.

Her remark raises the question of artistic expression: What the naked paintings show is how house impulse towards movement naked spontaneity took shape.


Clearly at the jesse jane riding dick of something big, early efforts tend to look modest. But it must have felt great at the time.

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Imagine firing guns into bags of paint… no one had done that before. Painting must have been as exciting as when the plein air artists first set up their easels in the forest of Naked. The sight of someone with a sketch pad leaning on a harbour wall always gives me house itch to fetch out my own pencils.

The same house for naked.

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Everywhere, small groups of people gather in front rooms to play painting together and emerge fulfilled from a few hours of music-making.