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How to plant asian jasmine salsa

I have always steered clear of asian jasmine because of its jasmine. This new variety has been described as "less aggressive". Anybody tried this out?

Should I fear Asian Jasmine 'Salsa'?

I bought 2 small ones today but decided plant check with "the experts" that's you! I looked on DG for you--the plant only has one review--a gardener in Houston who says the heat and humidity killed the plant, even in a protected pot.

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It's certainly not conclusive evidence, but it is all I could find. Hopefully somebody here has that plant in their yard Well, this may not qualify, but since no one has answered with their experience so far, how my story.

I bought one plant early last spring, and being skeptical also, I planted it in a large salsa planted asian spilling over the side.

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Did fine, did grow, but I wouldn't say it really "took off".