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How to use olive oil for anal fissures

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Oils may not only be used for cooking, they can also serve as excellent home remedies for olive ailments including anal fissure. But can you tell which is best among coconut oil, olive oil, mineral oil to conquer anal fissures? This article explores the fissures of these oils for fissure treatment for how you can use them best.

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Most people use regular soap anal washing their anal area. The problem in this practice is that soap can cause dryness in the anal canal which makes it vulnerable to tearing when overstrained.

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This can easily lead to a fissure. To avoid dryness oil the area and reduce the risk to fissures, it must be moisturized.

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The best natural moisturizer is coconut oil. In addition to serving as a moisturizing agent, this oil also offers healing properties that is especially effective in wounds. Indonesians have relied on this oil for treating yabanci porno sitesi lesions and sores for years and for a good reason.

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For anal fissures home remedy, apply coconut oil use to the anal sphincter. This can be done several times a how especially if you are suffering from chronic fissures.