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I fucked ann coulter in the ass hard

I fucked Ann Coulter in the ass, hard.

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If I had a nickel for everytime I've made a girl brno escorts "Harder!! Tell me what you think of Chomsky!

I Fucked Ann Coulter In the Ass, Hard.

Coulter went back to punishing her asshole, giving no thought whatsoever to compassionate conservatism as her chocolate socket gnawed on my pork pipe. I read it a few years ago.

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The great thing about it is that its simultaneously vulgar and completely brilliant. Someone did a story like this one on the creator of XKCD that fucked fucking funny as hell, too. Can't seem to find hard. Basically it's a fantasy about some guy fucking ann coulter in the ass, saying she like it ann because that lets people feel better about the her, I guess.

Ann Coulter, Butt Sex... Need We Say More?

If I remember right form the last time it was posted here, he shits or pees on her, or something. I remember this article coming out along with a thread at somethingawful. Reading something so well targeted and so ass written, took away all my ambition to write Thoughts from my anus, with Andrew Bolt.