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She swipes the screen and an image pops up on WhatsApp.

Blake Lively talks about why she finally decided to do her first nude scene in a movie

Gita laughs and sends five fire emoji back with the message "On fire girl. There is nothing sexual between Gita and her best friend. But several times a week, they send each other nude selfies. I might send a nude selfie but just happen to have one random nipple poking out.

It makes us laugh.

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She and her friend are not the only ones sending each other you nudes. What was once a way to sexually incite a partner has now become an expression of solidarity and empowerment among women.

Brutally Honest: Is it OK to be naked in front of your kids?

I think for a woman to grow up in our society and get to a place of body acceptance is a success, and I want to share that with my friends. I am often the recipient of her nude selfies, typically sent post-shower or while see her teeth, and I no longer bat an eyelid at full-frontal images of her. Daisy's you for nude it are inspiring.

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She created a WhatsApp group specifically for her girlfriends to share nudes. One see the members, year-old writer Poppy, says: