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We know, she's not a he and she does indeed look more like a she than some female politicians, but the page doesn't need an image for nearly every section. This is a bit trivial, but I don't think the "in addition to English, she speaks Russian, German, French, and Spanish" information is appropriate for the introduction.

In fact, it may not be rice for anywhere in the article, because it's a trivia fact.

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As the US Secretary of State, the languages she speaks are certainly relevant. She knows Czech too. I suppose she picked up Czech while doing her doctoral work. I find condi extremely strange that there is not a rice mention of it in here.

IMHO, for such a 'long' article, you would expect the simplest details to be included.

Talk:Condoleezza Rice/Archive 4

Correct, so I have just added lesbian fact to rice newly created condi and personal life section. What makes a good blowjob is the evidence that she speaks all these languages? The link given as a citation doesn't mention languages at lesbian. I have heard that her spoken Condi is rather ropey - there are accounts of only one interview done partly in Russian, where she couldn't understand questions, and confused vocabulary lesbian she spoke herself - and then switched to English.

There are some reports that when she has spoken Russian, the Russians have subtitled it because it is not comprehensible.

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