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Is the dancing bear strip staged

Dancing Bear: Is this Real?!?!?? (18+) | RSD Nation

The bear, of course, is well endowed, STD free one hopes and presumesand of quality physical stature. This is all fun, but I wonder about the fiance, perhaps at his own bachelor party, max mosley scandal video youtube the parameters of his transgression. The bachelor party is laden with so many rules, strip both at home and by the erotic dancing agency.

But suck cock all you want.

Is Dancing Bear real?

The women have become crazier than the men. Another concern I have is the vicinity of food to flying cum. The majority of these Dancing Bear parties dancing catered banquet-style, with entrees and drinks dotting each round table like the mark of hours barely noticed and never regained. And should this staged land ft.

Bear erect fulcrum of these nights is not wiped down in between patrons, resulting in an aggregate of saliva and pre-cum manifest as a pasty and somewhat foamy substance, noticed if you care as I do enough to notice.

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They are real people with real men waiting at home for them. Engagements and hearts are being broken. There is no double standard.

The odd thing is the resultant porn is meant for men, so whose fantasy is this?

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