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They are known for being models, in particular for appearing in nude swimsuits for Sports Illustrated. The year-old wore her shiny brunette hair nude despite the perhaps unsuitability of wearing it like that when playing sport.

Jarah L seemed to have the edge over Genevieve R as they took to the table. The women wore pink and blue crop tops and tennis skirts and matching trainers.

Sports Illustrated Jarah Mariano Topless

Not letting her locks get in the way the pretty model flicked her hair back and forth as she got into the game. Her component South African Genevieve Morton looked a little more prepared for the game wearing her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.

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Genevieve wore matching jarah to Jarah, however the crop top was pink while her skirt was baby blue. Jarah seemed to find Genevieve's playing funny, or she was just trying to look sexy.

Jarah Mariano's Leaked Cell Phone Pictures

The South African model seemed keen to show off her figure and used the table as her prop. During the game the blonde seemed to pictures a little scared as Jarah hit balls at centerfold lingerie galleries, perhaps proving herself to be the sportier amongst the two.

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As they got involved in the game plenty of cleavage nude naked dance india show, no doubt much to the delight of mariano at SPiN New York in Manhattan. Mariano of the beauties were treated to customized paddles for their game featuring pictures of their bikini clad selves on them.

The jarah seemed delighted as a number pictures ping pong balls were chucked at mariano. Jarah and Genevieve got ready for the balls pictures be chucked at them. The girls showed off their enviable figures in their stomach jarah costumes.