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Okay, so he wasn't the brightest bulb nude babes pics gallery the Christmas tree.

But he was America's Prince Charming.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Jackie must have had a colors premonition. She wouldn't let him fly. She knew he was easily distracted. He'd been on Ritalin for years.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Before she died, she asked Maurice Tempelsman to remind her son to keep his promise to her. But John didn't care what Tempelsman wanted. He even asked him to move out of his mother's apartment because he wanted it for himself. So Tempelsman moved to a hotel. And then John did too!

When her sister Lauren tried to bring them back together by john they fly up to the Cape together, Carolyn, who swore she'd kennedy fly with John, reluctantly agreed. But nude she didn't show up until it was dark.

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Lauren and Carolyn met John at the Stanhope. She made them all hold hands, and suggested they fly up together as a way of bonding.