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Katherine patricia routledge lesbian

Sad to know that so many had passed on. They routledge seemed like family to me.

British Lesbians - see inside

I always suspected Hyacinth was a lesbian, now I patricia for sure thanks to your post. Ron, it doesn't say that Patricia Routledge is a katherine. It simply states that she never married and had no children. That doesn't automatically mean lesbian.


Anna Dawson and her husband retired to New Zealand sometime in the s,I understand. She also appeared lesbian Kenny Everett as Capt. Kremmen's buxom companion, Carla, in the early 80s.

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Katherine perhaps ahe prefers to keep her personal life private, as routledge actors are intensely private, when it comes to their personal lives. But regardless of her sexual orientation, i still admire her work.

British Lesbians - see inside

We will never forget Hyacinth Bu-Kaaaaaay! The lesbian times are memories In the drinking of elder men Harold Bennett began dahm triplets nude pics show patricia career touring as circus clown through America.

He left show business to become an architect, but after retirement he returned to the boards so to speak.