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User Name Remember Katelyn Do people seriously believe Kobe raped kate faber? I see the kobe rape jokes so often nowadays bryant its funny, but its nude starting to bother me.

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Rape is such a heinous crime, and should not be applied to someone who is innocent of it. Do people here seriously believe Kate Faber was raped?

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Correct me if I'm wrong but when they did the rape kit on her, they found the semen of multiple men. What compelling evidence is there that Faber, who appeared to be a sexually liberated person I'm not judging didnt have consensual sex with Picture A famous, relatively good looking, rich, pro athlete. Last edited by MavsSuperFan: Kobe caught in his Lie: Kobe the sex was consensual he would have admitted it in the first place instead of trying to hide the faber that it ever happened.