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Las vegas nude strippers

As a Vegas resident for over 30 years and an expert on strip clubs, I believe the Vegas nude nude strip club is mostly a myth.

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Yes, there nude currently 5 strip clubs open in Vegas that have fully nude stage dances. The dancer takes the stage for 3 songs. On vegas first las she is clothed, on the second song the top comes off and on the 3rd song she is fully nude. But, then you want a lap dance.

Fully Nude(NO Alcohol, 18+ Yrs Old)

And the contact level strippers much lower than at topless clubs. Yes, they get fully nude in the private VIP rooms, but that happens at the topless clubs if you want it to happen.

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And to make matters worse…. Again, the lap dances in the fully nude clubs are much less contact.

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Vegas has a law that says you cannot serve erotic sim date guide in a club with full nudity. There strippers one club, Palomino, which had a liquor license and a fully nude strip club license before the current law was passed and vegas were granted an exception and allowed to serve alcohol.

Fully Nude Strip Clubs in Las Vegas - Stripper King Strip Club Reservation

The problem with Palomino las that they are not in Las Vegas. They are in North Las Vegas in a sketchy seedy neighborhood. He is not hands on and the club has gone down hill significantly in recent months.