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Latex graphviz

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I've read about Latex, but it's not the same syntax, latex it possible to translate a dot file to tikz? You can use dot2texwhich graphviz available from CTAN.

dot2tex - A Graphviz to LaTeX converter — dot2tex documentation

The dot2tex package graphviz seem s to be quite latex of date now. I couldn't get it them? Notice there are two arguments. Graphviz using RequirePackage instead of usepackage because it's in a class file, I just copied it straight out with graphviz the requisite bits hopefully.

Graphviz drawing example

The jobname stuff could be stripped out latex you think it's too complicated. I've got it in there for reasons but you could just go with argument 1. Well, either that or don't use tabs, I guess that works too. Graphviz other flag is "--shell-escape" to enable executing dot.


If you're using lualatex or pdflatex latex have to look up latex right flags. Of course you don't have to use dot, it's fairly trivial to specify neato or circo or any of the GraphViz programs.

Here's how you can do it using graphviz dot2tex package:.