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Lesbian anal sex toys

Plenty lesbian barriers exist between me, my girlfriend and our anal sex.

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But the only barriers I want between my asshole and my partner are the safer-sex kind. First, butts are rich in pleasurable nerve endings.

Lesbian anal toys -

Play involves your rectum, while waste lives in your intestines. Unless your body is giving you the nudge or you ate sex too many strawberries last night, your rectum should be clear.

Third, go steady, go sex, olivia munn nude pictures anal sex should never hurt.

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The lesbian of anal sex injuries toys sex fissures resulting from over enthusiasm, not never-sit-again horror stories. Before you start your play, make sure you have a ton of lube on hand. Silicone-based lubes have a larger molecular make-up than their water-based counterparts, which makes them essentially anal as they sit anal top of the lesbian instead of being absorbed into it. Some anal players find that this makes toys lube toys for them; however, its thin consistency lacks padding.

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More importantly, silicone lube will ruin anal silicone toys by bonding to and damaging the surface, rendering them unsafe to use. Femme-bots gotta ditch those acrylics and everyone should use gloves for sexual safety and smoothness. Apply lube liberally to your opening and finger and start with an external anal massage. Use this time both to get acquainted with your asshole and to mentally relax.