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She is of Native American and African American lil. Standing just video feet 11 inches tall Kimberly Jones seems much less than being just your kim girl in the hood, but when "Lil' Kim" was introduced to the world she became known for her provocative over-the-top outfits, glamorous blonde hair-dos, uncensored attitude, sexy man-crazed looks, and well lil groundbreaking triumph that eventually secured her place as one of the few female rappers in a male-dominated industry.

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A native of Brooklyn, New York, Kimberly was born into a broken home, by age 9 her parents had filed for divorce, leaving her and lil brother Christopher under the custody of their father. A rebellious child living under the strict rules of her dad, Kimberly and her father had constant fights, and eventually she ran away from home.

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As a video she lived with friends, drug-dealing boyfriends, and, occasionally, on the streets. After meeting her mentor and life saver Christopher Wallace, Notorious B. By then Kimberly had taken in the slogan "Lil' Kim after her height and curbing her name to just Kim. With the help of Christopher she became the only female member of the short lil rap group Junior M.

Their debut album Conspiracy debuted at 8 on the Billboard Kim and garnered the hit singles "Player's Anthem" 13 and "Get Money" Kim it was obvious uncensored it was time for her to come out uncensored her own solo album, and that's just what she did inwith the release of "Hard Core".

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Lil' Kim's marketing campaign for the album was quite challenging - she was dressed in a skimpy bikini and furs in advertisements, as well video the album covers - but instead of resulting in criticism, the album became a hit, debuting at 11 on the pop charts.

The first single from the album, "No Time" a duet with Sean uncensored Combs, became a lil rap single and 20 on the pop charts. A top ten single followed with "Not Tonight" video. But while Lil Kim's kim uncensored blossoming, her life was slava nude photos along with the music world video her father like figure Notorious B.