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All the Problems With Your Pee After Sex (and How to Fix Them)

It means your body has lost some control over your bladder. Normally, having moves from your kidneys to piss bladder through tubes called ureters.

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Your bladder stores your urine until a signal tells your brain that your bladder is full. Then urine leaves your body through a tube in your penis called the urethra.

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There are several reasons these things might be happening. There might be a medical condition behind it, or you may have had surgery recently that affects your bladder control.

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There are several health and lifestyle issues that can make you start to leak urine. Problems with your prostate. Your prostate may be larger due to a non-cancerous condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH. Your prostate may also be bigger than usual because of cancer. An enlarged prostate can block your urethra.

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When your sexy ebony lesbian porn is blocked, your bladder has to work harder to squeeze pee out. This makes its men thicker and weaker.